Your best solar return

solar return a head

The complete guide on what indicates your best solar return

This will tell you the great aspects to look in to your solar return chart for the great year a head

Hello guys  I hope everyone is doing good

Everyone hopes for a great year and they always wish a year of love and happiness and success at  work and relationships

So today we will be discussing about solar return chart . What is a solar return chart? 
A solar return chart is the chart when our sun returns to exact position where our natal sun is during this time a chart is casted which will remain in effect till your next birthday means for a year you will feel all the things that are present in your solar return chart

I will be telling you what aspects and positions of moon will indicate for your life for a year  so let’s start

your best solar return

Our emotional response are related to moon sign in solar return and house in which moon is for example solar return moon is in Leo prepare for the year of creativity and love with stability your emotions will be strong and stable during this year and if your moon is in water sign prepare to feel the emotions and some issues connected to the house moon is in and so on

There are many things in solar return to look after but I will be discussing the most favorable and great aspects and positions of solar return so you can enjoy your year

The favorable positions of sun in solar return if you are looking for a year of growth in career would be

Solar return sun in 10th house will suggest career growth and opportunities will fall on your lap if sun is conjunct Mc you will be receiving promotions and praise this is definitely year where you should work smart and see how it pay off  but if sun is afflicted then you will have to work extra hard so you can see the results but the result will be great at the end

your best solar return

Sun trine Jupiter in solar return indicates happiest year of your life because the problems and trouble fades away from your life if there are any relationship issues they will be fixed easily and if you are involved in legal battle believe me results will be favorable . My personal experience I have this aspect  in natal chart and I had this in my 2018 solar return chart i guess this is the best aspect because  I invested 20 dollar in Online Forex trading account  by  trading 2 dollars at a time I went to make 4000$  in small frame of time which is definitely luck I won 4 lottery prizes had received money from people I could never expect to.  But there are negative issues with this transit which makes you feel too happy and good and sit back and waste opportunity you will feel like relaxing and lazy which in case will stop you from cashing and making huge profits

Sun conjunct Jupiter in solar return: This indicates a great year to gain weight if you are not careful but if you make it and work you will not believe how much successful you can be this is the great aspect to start your own business or go for travelling the world because  every problem of life will fade away instantly luck is with you  now it’s up to you how you use if you get lazy and over indulge in pleasure you will gain weight and waste the greatest opportunity of your life so start a plan and exercise and  cash the opportunity

your best solar return

Sun trine Saturn in solar return: How many of you have ever heard the word karma hits back and pays back if not you will witness yourself during this year if you have been working too hard and not getting enough results or your ambitions or being hold then this year will give you the ultimate recognition of your previous years work and struggle. If you have been good with others in past expect to see the results and help coming back to you with great source of success .

Jupiter conjunct Mid Heaven  solar return: career growth and opportunities will knock your door again and again till you open the door and accept the opportunity but remember to not become lazy because Jupiter will also bring over indulgence

your best solar return

Jupiter conjunct Neptune solar return: have you ever thought to win a lottery if yes this is your year the combination of Jupiter and Neptune will bless you with ultimate luck either it is stock market investment or anything thing connected to risk you will see the results in your favor  this your year of ultimate luck

your best solar return

Sun trine Pluto solar return : during this year you possess huge power in yourself which can transform your career and your relationships to next levels  your ego will get a positive boost and people in authority and higher position will see you as someone who is truly hard worker and you will get huge promotions at work and relationship will go smooth it will feel like obstacles and problems are dissolving and you will feel powerful by achieving success easily

your best solar return

Jupiter trine pluto solar return:  planet of power and planet of luck are in harmony which means you can achieve tremendous success  because both powerful planets are in harmony which will aid you in powerful ways if you are self employed you will take your work to next level and if you are working for companies you will receive promotion or some sort of benefit by your employer

your best solar return

If you are looking for relationships look at your Dc in solar return any planet conjunct or in 7th house will tell you how the coming year will be in terms of relationships for example Venus conjunct Dc will suggest easy time relating with others and solving problems your social life will be boosted and you will easily attract love in your life and it is possible to get married during this year

your best solar return

Venus conjunct mercury in solar return: Awww this is my favorite one because it makes you a poet of love whenever you talk it pleases people and whatever you say people will feel it with love during this time many people can take benefit of by expressing their love for someone and you will be amazed when they also say yes to your proposal  this year will be filled with lovely discussions and social gatherings and it is also possible to meet someone special at social gatherings or parties  over if you want to say I love you to someone this year will make you a poet to express your love in poetry and the person you love will mad for your words so enjoy it

your best solar return

Venus conjunct moon solar return: prepare for great social life where you will feel loved and great because your sensitivity of your emotions will be filled with love you will receive great love from women in your life and this year will be filled with lovely moments where you can express yourself easily and it is also possible to get married with the love of your life and feel happy

your best solar return

Want to lose weight quickly or want to get fit and smart following aspects in solar return will aid you doing that.

your best solar return

Sun sextile Mars or Sun trine mars in solar return:  I guess you will not get tired easily because the planet of energy is in harmony with the planet of your life ego and vitality so you will have power house of energy with you during this time you can get fit easily and start any health program you want. If you have any health issues they will fade away and you will feel active and full of energy and can do anything you want like setting up your own office or shifting your home , or joining a gym and getting fit slim and smarter will be very easy for you  during this period your sexual desire will also get boost so be sure not to get frustrated and enjoy your sex life but remember to exercise and hit the gym

These were the aspects which will define your best solar return

There are many things which indicate a great year a head I had just shed light on few points which I think are good when we have them in solar return  I hope you guys liked it do share and like this and leave your opinions in comment box

Thank you for taking time and reading this

Your best Solar return

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