Will you be rich – Astrology

will you be rich

Will you  be rich – Astrology , Aspects and Planetary positions that can indicate you becoming rich

Will you be rich is a question that everyone wants to get answer of

Today we are going to discuss some sure signs in a birth chart that shows that you will become rich in your life for sure

becoming rich is everyone’s wish now a days because everyone wants to have a comfortable and luxurious life

will you be rich
will you be rich

I have written a detailed article on planet position that indicates wealth. Hope you guys have read that if not here is the link of that article https://astrosyed.com/what-planets-position-indicates-wealth-and-fortune/

If anyone of you have sun from 8° to 12° Gemini

you must celebrate because this position is one of the amazing position to have. Because these people will be  a head of everyone in their life. They will be successful and reach top positions and get praise of their work. They will be recognized and wealth and luck are on their side for sure. This position is associated with politicians , business men and film actors.

If anyone of you have Jupiter from 8° Gemini to 12° Gemini

this position brings luck to the native because they are more than lucky. They will get huge wealth success in law and government sector and also in business. This position bless people with glory and fame they have not earned by working hard.

If anyone of you guys have Venus from 12.18° Cancer to 17.38° Cancer

This position will bring ultimate luck to these natives. Have you heard the term that someone always gets help financially from other people and relatives. People with this position will always get help from friends and their relatives . The help will  let them be settled in their life

If anyone have Sun at 17.22° Scorpio to 19.50° Scorpio.

This position shows great wealth , honor luck and preferment. These people will rise to ultimate power and success after few difficulties in their young years . People who have this position will spend life full of success and wealth

If anyone have Ascendant  at 17.22° Scorpio to 19.50° Scorpio

This position shows someone will get wealth and success and preferment. They will rise to power and will lead a wealthy life

If anyone has ascendant at 19.30° Virgo to 23.40° Virgo

This position surely indicates wealth success ,power and fame. Chances are these people can be actors , writers , directors or artist and businessmen.
side effect of this position is that this person is  quarrelsome and troubling once success and wealth comes to them. They will consider their self superior and their ego will become inflated. Which will lead to their down fall for sure and this has to happen. But this position surely suggest wealth luck and fame for sure

These were few positions of planets and angles that shows wealth and success in natal chart. Now we will discuss aspect that also suggest wealth and fame

will you be rich

Jupiter and Pluto aspects:

If you have Jupiter conjunct Pluto

 you are the man or woman of power because planet of growth and planet of transformation are joined together that gives you chance to transform yourself and grow to highest level of success many people who have this aspect have manifested it are real wealthy because they have worked the right way to manifest this aspect and they have got results the negative side of this aspect is people who have this can become manipulative or fall for darker side of life like gambling drugs and sex which will eventually harm their life but if someone work correctly then this aspect will manifest in to amazing ways and result will be more than expected

If it is Jupiter Square or opposite Pluto

Planet of power and transformation is opposite or square to planet of growth shows challenge which one has to overcome to get the positive results. People with this aspects will indulge their self in sex , gambling and glamorous lifestyle which will make sure they get bankrupt and broke. But if they work to manifest this aspect positively than they cannot imagine how much wealth and successful they can be. Because every hard aspects shows challenges that needs to be overcome so blessings can come to them

Sun square or opposite Saturn

This aspects shows struggle and burning fire inside these people that ask them to prove their self worth which will make them work harder to gain whatever they want in their life and by doing this they can achieve huge success and wealth

Sun quincunx Jupiter

This aspect shows struggle between wants and desires a struggle between personality and success. People who have this will always work damn hard and achieve more then they want and . People will consider them lucky because they are getting so much because of their effort and we can say this aspect does guarantee success and wealth but not without health issues and anxiety

Pluto sextile or trine mid heaven

These people are the real transformers as they can transform them self into any career or any lifestyle without much issues. Because they have planet of power and transformation in easy aspect to their Mid Heaven which shows easy time adapting changes in their career. This also bless them with power to change other people by their mesmerizing leadership skills many of people who have this will become successful after their 30’s and as they age they get more and more power and wealth which last till they last

Mars Trine Jupiter

people with this aspect are born with qualities and abilities to rise high and win. They achieve great wealth and success because of their confidence and positive nature that makes them get what ever they want in their life

Mars Trine Pluto

Power of transformation and energy and ambitions are in easy aspect to each other. People with this aspect don’t know that they have powerful ability to achieve a lot in their life by putting efforts they are going to receive amazing results. Because of their will power they will reach top one day . I have seen this aspect in many of my clients who are rich and doing great in their life usually people with big business have this aspect but it depends upon individual how he or she uses this aspect

I hope the question will you be rich is now clear to you all guys do tell me in comment section about your placements and confusions

will you be rich
will you become rich astrology

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