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Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope
Weekly Horoscope
Weekly Horoscope
Weekly Horoscope
Weekly Horoscope
Weekly Horoscope
Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope overview March 16 to March 22

This week is full of water and earth energy which indicates a week full of work and personal responsibilities . Expect to have good news from professional and be ready to face emotional issues in your personal life at home as the week is in clash between the needs and the wants

Monday March 16:

Promotion at work or sudden deep realization will lead to new discoveries which you can use to get ahead in professional life

Time for the love is on get ready to meet someone new on the way or on the work which will lead to some awesome romance

the end of the day will be pleasant and full of satisfaction so cheers and be grateful

Tuesday March 17 : Tensions in professional life or stressful situations will be forefront in the early morning where is you can have sudden fights with your loved ones or at work your colleagues

Its the time when you will probably get the reward of your hard work expect favorable relationships with authority figures and maintain smile on your face

Love tends to flow easily in the evening as this would be the right time for romantic encounters or making babies

Wednesday March 18: During this time you will probably feel full of energy if you do not let them out things can get worst try to have sex or Exercise early morning to make sure the excessive energy does not disrupt your life

Thursday March 19: Feeling sad and melancholy will be a issues its likely old relationships troubles and issues will haunt you for few hours which can lead to troubles in personal life or you can turn minor issues in to fights that can lead to severe troubles

Professional life seems to go with achievements and new responsibilities where you can be assigned to leaderships roles and you will feel the ease of working hard

Friday March 20: Start of the day will make you feel very lazy and you will crave for sweets and this can be the great time to enjoy a cup of coffee or something you love as you will be feeling the love of ease and you won’t feel like working hard for the day

Sudden ideas and flashes can lead you to solve problems or if you are working on something you can get new ideas to make your work more creative and sexy

Love life can benefit from extra sexual and romantic energy as you can enjoy your time with your darling in the bed and make the most out of it

Saturday March 21 : A day filled with peace and love when you can truly relax watch a movie or go on the date it would be fun as the day offers you the love and peace you need to become happy

Sudden encounter with soul mate is on the horizon specially on the evening which can lead to marriage and long lasting bond

Sunday March 22: Peace and love aura every where because of heavy water energy which makes this the perfect time to detox the clutter from your body and from your soul as this is the perfect time to take a spiritual bath

Love life will benefit from sexy and naughty mood where you can enjoy a healthy Sunday with your family . Its the right time to imitate changes related to your house these changes will lead to further happiness in your life

Numerology Horoscope of the Week March 16 to March 22

Number for this week is 9 : As this week is full of closure and new beginnings where Pisces energy is asking you to release the emotional clutter from your life and let the new energy take place in your life

Number 9 is often associated with endings that makes place for new Beginnings in your whole life either it is your personal life or it is your professional life make the change by taking the lead and leave things that are not working

Make sure to meditate and let your intuition guide you if you are in trouble or need guidance let it help you to release what is needed to release

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