Venus Return – Love and Fortune coming for you

Venus Return

Every year your Venus returns to its natal position  that day is called the Venus return day

The day will decide how coming 11 months and 29 days will go for you. If on the day of VR you go to a party and enjoyed a lot than this will signify a great year for you.

But if you have fights and arguments on the day of VR then get ready for the year of disruptions and issues

Remember when the VR Day is approaching plan a short trip to a mall or a restaurant. Make yourself feel special as this signifies a lot try it yourself

Venus Return can tell you amazing things connected to meeting your soul mate. A new love interest and sure new job opportunity extra money coming your way leisure trips out of blue

The Venus Return charts are extremely significant when you find following conditions in your Venus return chart

If Venus is Conjunct Sun or Any of Angle in VR chart signify a great year for love and fortune

Following is an example chart of Venus return

Venus Return

The above chart is an example on how to read a Venus Return chart

In above chart Venus is not on any angle but some other planets are

Pluto Conjunct Dc

Suggests a powerful love relationship that will change her for ever

Lilith Conjunct Dc

suggest there will be extremely sexual desire to form a relationship. It can be like native is on the trip for work , Where she meets someone and falls in love
Which will satisfy her need of love and transform her completely

And this is truly amazing as above chart is of a my client. She had all the experiences i predicted for her when she ordered the VR Chart Back in 2018

Venus Conjunct Mercury

In 9th house suggest an exciting year with full of positive expression. As the native is a writer she got amazing opportunities to write for big companies and get paid greatly. She had amazing chances of collaborations and sudden gifts from her friends living abroad

Venus in 9th house trine Jupiter in 5th house already shows a great love for her writing and getting published

5th house of fame and 9th house of publishing and writing gave her great fame and achievements

There are many example’s of Reading a VR chart

Most commonly i use them to predict finance love and job opportunities

Venus conjunct sun or Venus on any angle signifies a great year

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Venus Return
Venus Return

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