Total Solar Eclipse July 2019 – Success and fortune coming for you

Total Solar eclipse July 2019

Hello and welcome to Astro Syed Today we will be talking about the Total Solar Eclipse on 2 July 2019 at 10.37 Cancer

Total Solar eclipse July 2019
Total Solar eclipse July 2019

This total solar eclipse is the most lucky and fortunate solar eclipse we  are going to have it. This Total solar eclipse July 2019 is amazing to full fill  your dreams and desires Because this Solar eclipse in cancer is conjunct fixed star Alhenna Which is one of the most fortunate and lucky fixed star

Below is the tagline the fixed star Alhenna will provide us at the solar eclipse in cancer

Good health, honor, riches, pleasure and society, domestic benefits Pride, love of ease, luxury and pleasure.

Aspects that are participating actively during the total solar eclipse

Solar Eclipse Sextile Uranus:

New beginning with excitements if you have ever desired the freedom to do anything you love this is the right time to start anything you want because this Solar eclipse will bless you with creative knowledge and if any one of you works on the internet expect to get some bonus or clients which will bestow you with great things at the same time you have get amazing creative and exciting skills you can use into your benefits. Now is the perfect time to enjoy and travel to amazing places because many opportunities can come to you

Mercury Conjunct Mars: Working on any project or if you are facing legal issues this solar eclipse will make your mind sharp and your tongue will work to defend you because of the intellectual boost you will get during this time can also cause issues if you are not careful about what you are saying use this time to defend yourself or if you are working on any project chances are you will get it done quickly and easily   

Mercury Square Uranus: Don’t follow the schedule at this time because there can be few delays but remember anything happens now will lead you to great fortune or some exciting ideas that can be converted in to successful business because you can get sudden insights that can lead you to achieve desired success but one thing to remember try to go to nearby amusement park at this time because it will lead you to have sudden encounter with exciting people that will serve your need for excitement

If you are having issues with people or people have abused you in past  this Total solar eclipse is great to heal and let go of past hurts so you can take full benefit of future blessings

Mercury Trine Chiron: Healing is on the horizon if you are hurt by some people in past or you have hurt someone else This is the best time to do that and let go of things that are not working for you any more ask for forgiveness to those whom you have hurt as this will be your compound interest created at total solar eclipse and will be paid to you more than 100 times within 6 months in form of peace , fortune and success  

Do you want to be social media star or if you ever desired to start anything creative like opening your own fashion shop or anything connected to creativity if yes go with it and start it because during this time any project you start will turn out to be successful and famous

Jupiter Sextile Lilith:

Don’t hold your secret passion to yourself express it through creativity , sex and romance during this time let your inner demon come out and show it to people you love if you are not getting good in your romantic life now is the perfect time to ask your partner and let her or him know what your desires are so they can corporate with you to fulfill them and Get the desired romantic

Over All Total Solar Eclipse July 2019 is the fortunate and one of the blessed solar eclipse it will heal the broken hearts and will bestow wealth fortune and happiness who are working for it and those who are trying to find a perfect partner will get during this time because this Total solar eclipse is blessed with sudden encounters turned into life time partners so do one thing to take benefit of this solar eclipse write a journal of your wished during the time of solar eclipse and see your wishes  turning into reality in front of you

Total Solar Eclipse July

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