Sun conjunct Saturn in natal chart – A Caged Child

Sun Conjunct Saturn in natal chart

Sun conjunct Saturn in natal chart makes a person very hard on himself because of the hardships he has faced in his childhood mainly because of his parents and siblings or the environment they grew in . We can say they will go through many hardships and painful events in their life so they can become strong and their inner warrior can come out to fight .

People with this aspect tend to be very shy and they face a lot of hardships in the first part of their life and it is likely they are born with the ability to work hard than anyone else but they will take a lot time to open up and make their life stronger and successful

These people can go through a lot of periods of sorrows , disappointments and  lack of self esteem  would be a issue for them

The positive things associated with this aspect is that by facing many difficulties and sorrows they can achieve huge success in their life and build a empire of their own

There are countless people who have this aspect in natal chart and are hugely successful in their life the reason for their success is hard work , focus and patience

When these people go through hard times , insults  and humiliation in their life this would be the point when this aspect would start to manifest its blessings for them so they will start to work hard and prove the world who they are

Sun Conjunct Saturn sometimes is associated with lack of trust on their own self  these people might think they are not capable of anything but they have to overcome this fear because they are born to become the boss

Sun conjunct Saturn is also a indicator of marriage to a old person than the individual sometimes a generation old sometimes its 14 years age difference but over the all  with age they will see things are becoming easy and less annoying

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Sun conjunct Saturn in natal chart
Sun conjunct saturn

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