Sudden rise and overnight fame in life Astrology

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Today I am going to tell you about some very important and life changing transits which can give you Sudden rise and overnight fame in life astrology . There are many transit which indicates easy time for achieving success and getting promoted but we will be talking about the most important and powerful transits. I consider Pluto as the planet of power and darkness and a game changer. You might have read and seen videos where people tell you few example of those who went on to become successful without and efforts to a little efforts . Every chart has some great potential and great challenges which ones have to overcome to see the desired result .

According to me the main transits which will boost your career and popularity and make you widely successful are the following transits .

Pluto conjunct Part of fortune: This is the best time when the native is going to get super charge of luck and destiny and much depends on the house of part of fortune and aspects it receive in natal chart.During this time people achieve tremendous success they start business or any thing which turns hugely successful and this let them gain wealth and fame they want because this is the time when your destiny wants you to become successful and enjoy your life

Pluto trine Sun: During this period the power and strength of Pluto is supporting your ego and life ambitions most of the people who ever had this transit will experience easiness in everything they do the obstacles and troubles are vanished  for a period of time the power of Pluto is with you and this transits will make you achieve whatever you want people in authority will see you as a powerful person and hence they will support you  during this period your relationship with your professional life is at ease you will get many things without doing anything there might be people who enter your life with great opportunities that transform your life forever. During this period many people will form business partnership which will turn out to be hugely successful and fruitful this transit is like the power of your life is in your hand and is up to you what you want to do with it as you will be seen powerful now . In my words people who experience this transit will transform their life greatly from their career to personal life will get the desired boost. This transit is one of the great transit which surely provides Sudden rise and overnight fame in life

Let me share you a great example of what I consider to be the Pluto transits example

Sudden rise and overnight fame in life

This man was selling tea at his tea stall and one day a man captured his picture and uploaded it to face book which went viral because of his looks and personality and that turned him into a model you can see in the picture below. Why I consider this as Pluto transits it’s because  Pluto is known for power and transformation and this much success is promised by the planet. this was to  just give you people a example of life can be transformed and turned into anything just we need to have hope in our abilities so this is no secret that this man was having a great Pluto transit to part of fortune which gave him Sudden rise and overnight fame in life


The next transit which will boost you towards success is

Pluto trine Mid Heaven

During this time windfall of opportunity will fall on you and will be up to you what you are choosing to do  this transit is also known as someone powerful entering in your life to uplift you to new heights of success it can be like someone will help you to reach your destination during this time problems and issues will fade away and this is the time when you can achieve tremendous success and fame easily people will feel and see you as someone who is powerful . Many people who had this transit have experienced change in career and sudden talents discovered which made them successful

These are the most powerful transit which will surely provide you with Sudden rise and overnight fame in life

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