Soulmates in astrology -Unbreakable bond

Soulmates in astrology -Unbreakable bond

Soulmates in astrology often known as two people who cannot separate from each other
no matter how much problems or how much times they fight because universe is making sure they stick together

We will be discussing some of the important aspects in synastry

that can indicate a soulmates in astrology

Sun and Moon aspects are really great aspects that makes two people be ease with each other , I choose this aspect because i have this with a friend

and i know how much harmony and peace i feel in her company. This aspect makes someone’s ego and ambition get merged with other persons emotions that makes it a great indicator of having a great and lovely relationship because both are attracted to each other like moths to flames.

Sun and Pluto aspect Specially conjunction , opposition and square

if you have this aspect with anyone in your life remember about that relationship how it went. Basically Sun person will be attracted to Pluto person and will always mesmerize when in front of Pluto person

because Pluto is power and obsession it will make sun feel like a fish without water and at the same time Pluto is also obsessed with sun person which makes them magnetic lovers

I have seen countless married couples who are married for more than 20 years had Pluto conjunct sun in their chart and their love is still fresh and powerful

Saturn Conjunct South Node

If anyone of you had this in synastry chart then write it on paper that you people can never be separated fully from your life because this aspect is known as unbreakable bond no matter how fast you run where you hide but universe will create scenarios to make sure you get back together and then separate and then get back again this scenario is very strong

if synastry is strong than i can definitely say they will be married for life . I clearly say Saturn conjunct south node as the soulmate aspect. Because of the attraction and the need to be together is so strong that you will have their memories whole your life

Example of Saturn conjunct south node

Years ago i had a relationship with someone .We had Saturn conjunct south node and a good synastry aspects too but we had very bad fight which made us to separate

and exactly 8 years after the incident I got an email from the person I was separated 8 years ago . She was asking me why I never tried to contact her. Why I never ask her for a second chance. Why I did not message her . She was telling me how much she remembers me each day and she cannot let me go.  Rest is the private matter it was just to tell you how much strong energy and attraction this aspect creates

Same thing for Saturn square node and Saturn conjunct north node

Vertex conjunct ascendant or descendant

This is also considered a powerful and fateful relationship. These type of relationship start when you had a eclipse on your vertex

Attraction is very strong and pull is too much. These people are very much attracted and often vertex person fells the love for ascendant person. If these two people are getting married i am sure there will be strong magnetic attraction

Vertex conjunct Juno

Your soul mate has arrived get married now.

because this aspect in synastry is known as marriage written in stars. People with this aspect in synastry cannot resist to get married and live a life full of love

Venus conjunct Pluto

Intense attraction and magnetic pull will make you feel like you will not be able to live without the person. Because the energy and attraction is more than people can handle. This aspect is known for love at first sight and marriage at second sight . Intense attraction will make them fall in love and get attached  with each other for ever

Sun Moon Midpoint Aspects:

If your sun and moon midpoint is conjunct your partners personal planet than sure this indicates soul mate connection. Or Sun , Venus , Moon of your partner conjunct your sun and moon midpoint  than a powerful connection indicated. If it is vertex , Juno , AC/DC  Marriage is definitely indicated    which can last till you last

Soulmates in astrology have many indicators. I have shed light upon most important indicators that can indicate soul mate connection with your partner

Remember whole synastry chart needs to be considered so you can make a decision

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Soulmates in astrology -Unbreakable bond
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  • David lamer November 17, 2019 at 4:50 am Reply

    I believe that my wife, ex wife, are bound together forever.
    We have been together off and on for 38 years. And though we did divorce we continue to be very close. There is already discussion of living together again . less than a week since final papers are signed. I do believe she has a personality issue but even knowing that I still can’t stop thinking about her 24/7 .while she may not be the healthyiest choice for me when I said till death due us part I ment it. I know she did as well.
    Yes we will fight but we also love.
    And our bond will never be broken.

    • Astrosyed November 21, 2019 at 5:11 pm Reply

      i hope there must be saturn and nodes in your synastry that is holding you people together

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