Solar eclipse 26 December 2019 – Fortunate Meetings

Solar Eclipse 26 December 2019

Solar Eclipse on 26 December 2019 at 4.06 Capricorn is amazing one because it is going to relieve tensions and sudden meeting with your true soul mate is on the horizon

The event chart below shows the ascendant of the solar eclipse falls in Libra which is a relationship sign ruled by Venus which means relationships and money and leisure are the main things this solar eclipse is going to bless us with

During this solar eclipse many people will get married and many of you will find your soul mate with fortune. Because any new relationship during this time will turn out to be very fortunate
and during this time many people will buy their dream house.
And get settle and many people will get married and start a loving family

Aspects that are actively participating on the solar eclipse 26 December 2019.

Sun Conjunct Moon

Time to restart as this is the new moon for restarting your life and habits as this is the best time for sorting out things and getting into bottom of issues and solving them so start planning. write journal during the new moon and see how they manifest during the full moon.

Sun Conjunct Jupiter

Fortune and lucky enough you will feel larger then life and you will feel universe is telling you jokes to laugh and keep smiling , chances of sudden windfall of cash or a new job opportunity is present solving relationship issues and starting new ones are favored and specially during this solar eclipse this aspect will be active for 6 months , Yeah you heard that right 6 months so you have pretty much time to enjoy and smile

Moon Conjunct Jupiter

Inner peace and love everywhere during this time you will feel that your intuition is increased and you are at peace and you are enjoying every bit of life which it is offering it is likely you will be invited for parties or social events where you can encounter someone special probably a soul mate. Who will bring great fortune and luck in your life

Moon trine Uranus

Routine seems boring but during this time it is likely you will be doing something creative or you will be going out for party or at amusement parks where sudden encounters will lead to lasting love and affection which will surely be bounded into love for whole life . So make sure to go out during this solar eclipse to witness amazing things of your life this solar eclipse if going to offer

Sun trine Uranus

Excitement and passion runs high. You will feel the need of doing something out of the box. It can be like meeting someone for the first time which will make you feel amazing and excited. You can have great sex with your sweet heart. But if you don’t have one don’t worry you will surely find someone amazing during this time

Mars sextile Pluto

gives you wings and energy to go out and enjoy your life. It does not matter if you are shy. During this time you will get a lot of chances to enjoy your life. And make things happen. People will be mesmerized by your strong attracting aura and sexual energy you are displaying

Jupiter trine Uranus

Try your luck during this time as you can win amazing gifts and prizes specially on the internet. There are chances of sudden wind fall of luck and wealth which can come to you through someone. And it is likely you can get a chance to travel and enjoy your life. If you ever wanted the chance to try your luck in games or anything you can try during this time

Juno Conjunct Anti Vertex

Do you still remember your ex and have not got over her or him. This eclipse will make sure people from your past come back to your life to sort things out . Its likely people who had strong love with you will return to your life

Ascendant of Event Chart Conjunct Part of fortune

it shows relationships are major focus of this solar eclipse

people will enter your life to provide you with luck , fortune and love.

During this time anyone entering your life is like love and luck coming to you . Expect sudden cash wind fall and like lottery or a jackpot

Venus trine Ascendant of event chart

love and money flows easily as there are strong chances

people who have sun , moon , Jupiter , Uranus, or mid heaven at 2 to 6 degrees of Capricorn will win amazingly great

they can get huge promotions and out of the box idea to generate money.

Make sure to visit amusement parks or any shops where lucky draws are being held and try your luck and get amazed

Those who will be strongly affected by Solar eclipse 26 December 2019 are

having planets near or angles near 2 to 6 degree Capricorn and 1 to 7 degree cancer

Solar eclipse 26 December 2019
Love and luck

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