Saturn Opposite Sun Transit – Redefine your life

Saturn opposite sun transit

Saturn Opposite Sun Transit

hello and welcome to Astro Syed today we are going to talk about the Saturn opposite sun transit

I believe you have heard a lot of bad things about Saturn that made you feel worried about how harsh it is but let me tell you it is not harsh at all but it is actually the grand beneficial planet  now you might be thinking how a planet who has a reputation of making you feel down is grand beneficial

So let me tell you a example

In today’s modern world we people work day and night and take our time to spend with people and do different things but what about reality is this what we are meant to do everyone has life purpose and I believe people have to go through hard time to shine like diamond

Example: for example you have a car parked outside your house and suddenly a stone in speed cracks glass of your car and you are guessing where this stone comes from because it came in a lot of speed  so you will watch it in your cctv but no clue yet then what you will do is to slow down your cctv footage and watch it step by step you will get a lot of clues when watching things in slow motion

So what above example has to do with saturn . It has to do a lot with saturn opposite sun transit because when this transit approaches your life will be slowing down and things will start to fall down

Let me tell you that any friendship or relationship which is not good for you will end if it is good for you will be strengthen to a more powerful level sometimes this transit indicates getting married or finding the right partner

This transit often brings a lot of responsibilities at work and at home sudden issues with money and health become forefront. Why? because we are not caring for our health and we are not handling our money correctly so what will happen Saturn will slow down everything he will put obstacles he will take you down he will give you results of your behavior he will tell you what you have been doing during years if you have been doing right prepare for great results if not expect hardships for few months there may be sudden health issues out of nowhere specially with bones and teeth and heart

Saturn will take all your energy and will ask you to wait go slow and look at things you are doing and suddenly you will become serious and will not have a rose colored vision for your career or relationships suddenly you will realize that you need to learn something so you can achieve great results in your career for example if you are a teacher you will opt to spend more time inย  a course or something that will help you achieve more in your field

How to deal with Saturn opposite sun transit

Let me tell you people will create issues at work and at home you may have sudden issues in every aspect of your life like at home you are starting to have more responsibilities then before but with low energy so. how to deal with it?

First of all let me tell you that Saturn is a hard teacher it will teach you hard lessons and will snatch everything from you that is not working in your favor for example if you are not at right job then you can expect to leave that during this transit  if you are in toxic relationship expect that relationship will end for good and if you are single you can also fine your true soul mate during this period which will be life long relationship and there can be sudden job changes or you might think you need to move to a new place to find something better as this all can be done but remember to go slow and steady as many things can create issues specially cars or sudden issues at home will ask you to repair them only to make them work great again

what you have to do during this time is to spend time with yourself ask yourself questions about how you had been doing in the past years have you achieve desired success in your life how much you are true to yourself and do you care about your health or you don’t  care about it  what will happen now will force you to look at every aspect of your life and put efforts work hard learn something new and be creative

I will advice you all to do these things during saturn opposite sun transit

1.wake up earlier then you used to wake up and exercise and meditate for 10 to 15 minutes take your breakfast and start reading something related to your field or something that can help you

2. take a journal and start writing things that you don’t want any more and start writing goals for next 6 months and then write small steps to achieve these goals

3.when someone is humiliating you during this time you have to say sorry and move on you don’t have to fight back during this time because if you do it will create issues if you are been giving responsibilities at work or at home accept them with smile and manage the time to do them

4. during this time you will be financially low so you need to have a plan to spend money during this time learn to budged things and save so you can live greatly

5. rest is the necessary thing during this time but don’t get more sleep then it is needed

After this transit is over let me tell you it will leave you with too many blessings only if you have worked hard and have been responsible during saturn opposite sun transit  then expect wealth new job opportunities out of blue and travel or something great that will ease your life and you will become mature in terms of everything in life the point is that it will bless you with too many things after taking too little so don’t get worried 

don’t fear Saturn as it is the most beneficial planet as it will make you strong and endurable in long term

And it is no surprise i am writing this article and i am going through saturn opposite sun transit and i guess saturn is asking me to tell you people that he is not bad boy at all ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜›

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saturn opposite sun transit
Saturn opposite sun transit

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