Saturn Conjunct Sun Transit – Meet your karma

Saturn Conjunct Sun transit
Saturn Conjunct Sun transit

Saturn Conjunct Sun Transit is one of the most important transit that is associated with karma

When this transit approaches you get what you had worked for it is the culmination of your efforts you have been making since 14 years . This transit is one of the best and one of the worst transit too  now you would be thinking how it can be possible well let me define it for you

If you have been working hard and been doing things right in your life than this time you are going to be recognized with promotion or sudden opportunity that is going to change your life forever but with a lot of hard work and patience is needed because you will be at low energy  and you will feel exhausted

This can be true in terms of your love life during this time someone new can enter your life who is older than you and is mature this relationship will start slowly but the bonding will be strong and can last long

Saturn conjunct Sun transit can also bring a total failure or collapse of your life if you have not been managing your life carefully or you have been taking shortcuts than you will face failures and road blocks on every aspect of your life

For example if you are working too hard on your professional life but not on your personal life and not taking care of your health than you are going to have sudden issues with your health and your personal life so you can be aware that you are a human who needs to have fun and learn to manage life the way it should be not the way they want it to

The purpose of Saturn is not to beat or make you fail in your life  but the purpose of Saturn is to make some issues with your life so you can be aware of what is wrong and how you can fix it so you should have a smooth and trouble free life and full of pleasures

Saturn Conjunct Sun Transit is one of the greatest transit because it shows you are on the wrong path and you have to change your way so you can be more successful in your life

Sometimes people are in wrong relationships  where they are just giving and receiving love and physical pleasure so when Saturn arrives it makes you understand that you are worth more than diamond why are you wasting your time in this shit type of relationship when you deserve better and during this time you can leave toxic relationships and find a great one where you are loved and respected than you will thank  Saturn

Same goes with career if you are not being rewarded for your hard work and time than it will be time to move and make a great impact in your career its likely you will feel some failures in order to realize your true potential and then the game will be on you will realize who you are and how you can achieve success and make a success story of your own to tell others 😀 just make sure to tell yourself that you can do it and you will do it

I have seen countless people who had this transit and they went broke with no job but after that they realized their true potential and strength and they worked on them went to achieve more success and happiness than their previous job and business

How to deal with this transit few tips I give to my clients

1. Make sure to limit your spending and take great care your health specially the mental health during time yoga and meditation are going to be blessings try them

2. Don’t waste time and energy on things and people who are not worthy of anything because you will have limited energy so make sure to use them properly and take rest on time

3.During this time you will feel lonely and it is for your betterment so you can actually know what to do and how  make sure to ask yourself what you truly want out of your life and make a plan for it

4. If you are in any toxic relationship or friendships please get rid of them because they are more dangerous than poison as they will harm your mental well being better to make boundaries and limit contact with blood suckers

5.During this time you can realize your natural talents make sure to look inside yourself for answer of what you should do in your life and you will get the answer and then work on that to create a new and powerful life full of happiness and love

Hey you yeah you If you are going through this than don’t worry it is for your betterment. And I know you are feeling low and depressed but don’t worry the limitations Saturn is putting on you is to make sure that you get what you  truly deserve and you deserve the best <3

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