New moon June 3rd 2019 Love is in the air

During this new moon love is in the air find your princess and start the lovely romance and go on to the fantasy date during New moon June 3rd 2019

New moon june 3rd 2019
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New moon June 3rd 2019

New moon June 3 2019 is at Gemini 12.33 Degree  

This new moon is purely Relationship  moon  with energy and aspects we see this new moon offers to help and meditate between lovers and marriage partners to solve their problems with love and mutual respect this new moon will help people who are single to find their true solve mate as this new moon brings the healing energy specially when relationship issues are going on this new moon is like a re birth for people going through tough time.

During this new moon there will be great aspects activated so people can heal and forgive and accept or let go of things that no longer work in your favor.

During this new moon  Venus trine Saturn is active : which will be great for solving relationship issues with communication and patience and it is possible many people will find their true soul mate during this new moon and if anyone is going through tough issues in relationship then this new moon will bring healing and love that will solve all your problems with a smile. This new moon is also great for starting a saving plan for long term benefits or for future planning. This new moon brings positive energy which will help you gain too much if you want to invest in any sort of financial schemes like  Stock market , and other stuff where you can gain  quite a lot.

We also have  Venus Trine Pluto active during this new moon which is great for intense experience in love and healing this gives you ability to transform any past trauma or abuse into forgiveness and healing be careful not to think of hurting or abusing anyone as during this time karma is fully activated so think good and do good will work great during this time you have tremendous energy to attract new lover and it will turn out to be a soul mate so prepare for a great ride for love.

We will also have  Venus Sextile Neptune active during this time which will help people let go of ego and forgive each other and get back together either it is friends or lovers if you are having any issues with any one in your life during this time you can sort them out easily and get everyone back in your life with ease and during this time you can socialize yourself and can find  Soul mate at social gatherings or party or at amusement park because this new moon is full of love energy so take benefit of it and go socialize yourself  during this time.

During new moon we also have long term transits active

Saturn Sextile Neptune : Gain through previous good deed and spiritual efforts will give you material success during this time many wounds will get healing and many troubling issues in your life will be solved this is the right time to meditate and turn in to spirituality probable helping people will help you so be sure to make someone smile so the nature can smile on you with surprise.

Jupiter Square Neptune:is also active during this new moon so we can expect if we were trusting too much or giving too much to someone close or a relationship during this time it will come to surface lies will be caught and those cheating will come to surface it is also possible you may have made new friends and that will turn out to be cheaters and you will get to know during this new moon and when this aspect will be exact on June 14 expect to see many cheaters in form of friends or love interest but if you go through deception don’t worry during this moon  you will get great chances of turning failure in to success and  get rid of toxic and cheaters.

Over all this new moon is the most positive new moon in recent times because of  no negative effect except Jupiter square Neptune which is also good because it will show you the real face of cheaters and negative people who are sucking your positivity and turning you into negativity so you have got great chance of success and happiness during this new moon as this new moon will also be great  to Detoxify your life from negative and manipulative people and enjoy the happiness and fortune . So this new moon in Gemini  is awesome one just remain positive to take benefit of all the blessings.

New moon 3rd June 2019 is the best new moon for love and finding soul mate

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New moon june 3rd 2019

Timing for different countries New moon June 3rd 2019 will fall

Islamabad Pakistan : June 3rd 2:45 pm

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