New Moon 28 September 2019 -Karma and Encounters

New moon 28 September 2019

New Moon in Libra 28 September 2019 is full of karma and destiny encounters

This new moon 28 September 2019 is a moon of cleaning your karma and restarting your life because this new moon with full of karma and intense situations which will change your life

New moon 28 September 2019
New moon 28 September 2019

will bring destiny encounters with people and partners that will make you face your karma and show responsibility and this all depends upon yourself how you have been in the past how you have treated people

Get ready to learn amazing things because this new moon can also bring a soul mate which will lead to marriage where love flows

Aspects that will play major part during the new moon in Libra 28 September 2019

New moon Opposite Chiron: Wounds and past resentments are going to take over your mind and make you think why this happened this will lead to realizing about the pain and suffering and letting go of certain things which will lead to the positive manifestation but during this New moon there will surely be events that will trigger your wound and let you feel bad about it and this new moon will give you the chance to convert your pain into something creative practice forgiveness and  empathy

Venus Square Saturn: During this time you will feel alone sad and you will see world through a harsh view it can be like the events trigger by new moon will let you feel bad for moment and then proceed to the healing and letting go of things that no longer serves your goal

Venus Square Pluto:  Obsession and something makes you feel that you need to control the situation which can lead to issues in relationships but during this time it is common to feel angry and obsessed the best thing to do during this new moon is to go out and serve yourself a treat

Mercury Square Pluto: you can be manipulated or you will manipulate someone  during this time it is definitely possible that people can get into love triangle’s or sudden scandals which will reveal their affairs  which will lead to many issues one of them is reputation being destroyed and sudden break ups can be common during this time but most probably try not to let yourself get manipulated by made up facts just give yourself time to and don’t reach to any point during this time

Saturn Conjunct South Node: Hey selfish people this New moon is going to kick your ass as hard as it can because all your past deeds will mingle and pay you back what you deserve. It will be like if you have been using people for your own interest and taking no time for your family and relationships then you are going to face the demon during this time because you are being called to clear what you have done surely there are people who always try to misuse people and take their kindness as their foolishness and use them and then leave them but finally time is here to pay off your debt and be cleared until it’s too late for you

During this time people related to your past can resurface in your life for many reasons either to sort out issues or create new issues for you. This will include your past romantic interest coming back to life and trying to fix things out or making it worst depend upon the conditions

What will this new moon bring

Overall New moon On September 28 2019 is a new moon to get your karma clear before it makes you naked in front of everyone which will create issues for you and this is the time to give your relationships time they deserve spend this time with your family friends and people who deserve your time if there are issues with people in your life help them sort it out and you will be paid back by nature because every good deed is multiplied by 100 when it is returned by the nature so love everyone and don’t hurt your loved ones   

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