Narcissism in Natal chart

narcissism in natal chart

Hello and welcome to Astro Syed today we are going to talk about an interesting yet controversial topic narcissism in natal chart

I have done a lot of research on this topic many of my clients who have been in toxic relationship or those who are still in these sort of things have helped me a lot by answering my questions and being true towards my questions that lead me to get an idea of what leads people to use such tactics and tricks so they can satisfy others

First of all there are many placements and aspects which does indicate someone can become abusive while growing up if he or she is not given the right treatment love and care

Moon is the most important factor when looking for narcissism in natal chart Because it is the indicator of emotional state of people

For example people with moon square Pluto or Moon Opposite Pluto and moon conjunct Pluto : this is the most significant aspect in astrology according to my personal research which leads people to play tactics and abuse the powers they are blessed with .

This aspect shows a person struggling to get privacy in his or her childhood where his or her mother or someone close to them keeps invading their emotional life and privacy and exploiting them which makes them wounded inside their heart they bleed they cry and they get angry all within their inner self

The problem with this aspect is either the mother or someone else cause issues in their life which makes them uncomfortable in social settings and making eye contact with people becomes difficult and social life is disturbed this also suggest people making their self isolated from rest of the world so they can live their fantasy life and if these people grow up being abused and constantly punished then i am sure they will have deep scars on their mental and emotional which will lead them to use the same tactics and treatment for others which they personally got from their mother or someone else in their childhood so if anyone of you guys have this aspect consult with psychiatrist right away.

This aspect also suggest someone becoming a great researcher and psychologist who can see hidden things in others i have mentioned this to just make sure people not get offended by any of my word

Mars Opposite Pluto or Mars Square Pluto and mars conjunct Pluto: this is the one of the hardest aspect in astrology because of nature of planets involved mars rules sex Pluto rules power and possessiveness this adds a lot of power and strength to the native but not usually in the best way because people with this aspect often have hard childhood either they are physical abused by their father or someone close which makes them store anger inside their self which can explode anytime and on anyone.

And this is the only aspect which makes someone with huge sex drive they can be doing sex all the day and night and yet they can not satisfied. People with this aspect are full of power and jealousy because if they choose to go after someone they will use their power and everything just to get the thing the want in their life.

if they are dating someone they will constantly pressurizing their partners to do this and that so they can feel they are the boss. People with this aspect have tremendous energy but because of issues they face in their childhood make them use this energy against their self because they are constantly forcing people and ordering them to do things the other people don’t want to which irritates them and the volcano of anger will explode after that so i consider this aspect one of the indicator of narcissism in natal chart and if the Pluto is in the 12th house then the case will be worst then we can imagine.

Venus Square Pluto or Venus Opposite Pluto and Venus conjunct Pluto: this is the one of strong indicator of people who want to dominate and lead their lovers the way they want to more then 200 people whom i have personally quizzed about this aspect.

They say this aspect makes them possessive and it makes them think that if they do not control their partner by tactics or by force then they can leave them anytime so fear of loss and betrayal lead these people to use subversive tactics and other things so they can control their partners or their family members and friends emotionally some times people with this aspect tends to make their friends feel like they are constantly hurting them by not giving them much of their time and in many cases people with this aspect will start secret relationships but they don’t want their loved one or their partner to date or talk with anyone with free will because it will drive them crazy and make them less important

So this aspect is one of the tough aspect for sure because of its two sided nature sometimes people with venus and Pluto aspects are so loving and caring that they attracts abusive and toxic partners that abuse them and suck their life out of them and make them feel life less because of dual nature of this aspect it depends on individual natal chart and personality people with low self image will attract abusive and toxic partners but with strong self image people will attract those who encourage them to rise in their life and yeah this aspect also blesses people with massive wealth and creative talents in many fields such as writing , art , acting and so on

Mars opposite , Square , Conjunct Neptune: have you heard the story of perfect liar who can make stories anytime and fool you with their amazing imagination power and tell you things that are not real now let me tell you an amazing story of this aspect. People with this aspect have a deep and fast imagination they can use anything they want in their life because they are blessed with story telling these people will tell other things that will make other people mesmerize for them for example

Someone with this aspect can tell you any sort of lie about any one and you will not be able to recognize it is right or wrong because of the persons aura will make you mesmerize for the story they told and you will believe them with your eyes closed.

In my astrology career i had done many couple readings where people contact me for a reading of their partners chart so they can understand what is going on and you won’t believe most of those people who told me their partner is a great manipulator and is a damn fucking liar had mars square Neptune or mars in hard aspect to Neptune. Because people with this aspect are living in their imagination they lack discipline they cannot take decision easily and they usually end up destroying them self and indulging in addictions. But on the positive front this aspect suggest a great artist a fiction writer someone who writes amazing things that makes people crazy they can become actors or dancers and will be loved by many people.

And in any case Pluto is found in 12th house with these aspects then things will be more worst then described

These were few case scenarios which suggest narcissism in natal chart

The above article is not to offend anyone with these placements its for the people to know better and transform their self greatly and above articles is based on my personal research on the topic Narcissism in natal chart

Do share your opinion by commenting below

narcissism in natal chart
narcissism in natal chart

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  • Chiron showed up November 14, 2019 at 7:42 am Reply

    Pluto conjunct NN in 12th in Virgo perhaps led me to study astrology – early studies to find a higher path – to heal from the narcissistic dynamic along with the gas-lighting, triangulation and other manipulative control dramas that were experienced since birth. It has not been an easy journey which holds a theme of major de-programming. Some dynamics are so deeply insidious, it takes a great deal of determination and effort to remove the layers. It has been like slowly peeling every layer of an onion by hand. Many thanks for your insights and wishing all who have lived this journey speedy healing.

    • Astrosyed November 21, 2019 at 5:12 pm Reply

      wish you best luck your pluto and NN in 12th will take you to higher spiritual life and yeah everything is done step by step

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