Money indicators in solar return Chart

Money Indicators In solar return

Welcome to Astro Syed today we will discuss about money indicators in solar return

What is solar return chart?

A solar return chart is a astrologically calculated chart it is calculated when you sun returns to the position where it was when you were born that is called the solar return chart.

We all have desires to get rich and buy everything we want in our life so we can live a better and easy life that will let us do the stuff we want and do things we enjoy and this all is possible if you know how to plan and work with things you will be rich

Now Coming to the topic we are here to discuss is about Huge Money Indicators In solar return chart.

There are many indicators in solar return chart that can lead you to earn big and live big but the point here is how you can do that?

Now lets start with main money indicators in solar return chart

Many people out there miss the most important thing in solar return is to check the house cusp of solar return falls in which natal house this is the biggest mistake people make often which does not let them know the potential of their solar return and how they can use it

Venus in 2nd house: its often related to getting money for anything you want but do you know this depends upon the aspects Venus makes and the 2nd house cusp falls in which natal house because this will give you the clue where from money will come to you

Solar return 2nd house cusp falls in natal 5th house this placement is amazing to try your luck and win big it is often related to income from teaching and social media or something related to 5th house

Solar return 2nd house cusp falls in natal 10th house: get ready to enjoy year where you will earn according to your rules there will be opportunities which will pay you a lot and your ego will get a desired boost.

2nd house cusp falls in natal 9th house: desired to work abroad or work online with people and earn money this can also mean a business trip to abroad which will benefit you in many ways

Sun in 2nd house: this is my favorite placement as this will let you realize that you have to earn big to satisfy your ego because during this year you will earn a lot and at the same time you will spend a lot of money in different expenses to show others and if sun is receiving a trine from outer planets get ready to achieve the best in life

Jupiter in 2nd house : well this is a tricky position and many of you will not be able to take benefit of this position as Jupiter is planet of expansion but it comes with laziness it will make you think that you have a lot of money and you should not go for more by doing this you are wasting the biggest opportunity you can ever have because during this year you can earn and win as much as you want to so be strong and active and start doing things

Some aspects which are biggest indicators of money in solar return

Mars Sextile or trine Jupiter: when ever you get this aspect in your solar return your confidence will soar and you will become a lion or a lioness and any thing you choose to do during this time will be very successful and will lead you to earn big so when ever you notice this aspect in solar return go and take risks as much as you can as they all will pay you back

Venus trine Jupiter: investing money will return with profits this is great time to invest or to start a business or specially fashion related or traveling sort of business will pay you greatly overall this aspect will make it sure you do not run out of money because sudden help will be available for whole year

Venus Conjunct Jupiter: ahh during this year enjoy partying and getting gifts and sometimes great financial help from people if you are doing job chances are you will get promotion and will enjoy your work during this whole year but the negative side is the laziness and lack of moral courage to do things

Mars trine Pluto: power and energy and focus all within your control you can direct them anywhere you want if you have this aspect in solar return chart prepare to have great power and confidence to tackle anything and you will not believe how your actions will effect others people will follow you and you can build a huge business or get promotion during this time easily

Sun conjunct moon: during this year you have the chance to turn anything into your favor because this whole year will work in your favor because of new moon being active in your solar return chart this will give you chance to do what ever you want and see the positive results

There are many money indicators in solar return chart we have discussed the most important ones which i personally have noted to be of great importance

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