Lilith in Natal Chart – Secret desires

Lilith in Natal Chart - Secret desires

Lilith in natal chart shows us our dark desires and something that we desire but shy away from it , Lilith also shows how you can transform your dark desires into something positive

When it comes to Lilith I refer the Word Lilith to Secret desires that makes you feel wonderful

Secret desires can be of many kinds for example sexual desires or the desires to sexualize oneself with appearance and so on

We will discuss Lilith in natal chart and its impact

Lilith In aspect to sun

makes someone very attractive these people have a hidden aura a sexual sort of energy that makes these people very attractive like magnetic and people are attracted to them because of their display

These people are very passionate about their appearance and they know how to attract people with their amazing aura of beauty and sexual energy

and they are great story tellers  , writers and powerful thinkers I personally know many people who have Lilith in aspect to sun are successful writers and some of them write about sexuality which in case will heal their Lilith and have a healthy side of it  

I had a client who has sun conjunct Lilith in her natal chart she told me that sex is life for her

She can’t live without sex and at the same time she makes nude and sexual arts which in itself is empowering her Lilith energies

The amazing thing is these people are ever young people and they know how to make someone fall for them

Lilith in aspect to moon

Obsessed with sexual thoughts there are countless people who imagine of having sex with different people and reach to the climax point .

these people have amazing imagination and they can have sex with anyone they want in their imagination

Most of the people with this aspect tends to keep it secret and sometimes they keep on doing this for life

second thing with this is that these people can write and create arts and become successful actors because their moon and Lilith are aspecting each other giving a great chance to present your desires in your way

Many people with this aspect have a mesmerizing facial features even they don’t know about this.

yet many people are attracted to them because of the aura they are releasing and signals that attracts others to them

Lilith in natal houses

Lilith in first house

They are  passionate obsessive and hard lovers they love to display sexuality through their appearance .

They wear mysterious clothes and have mysterious eyes which makes them attractive beautiful

Lilith in 2nd house

Their self esteem is related the appreciation they receive about their body

they love luxury life for them expensive beauty products are their love

these people love to beautify their self so they can look sexy and cool

People with this position love beauty and most people with this position copy others to look sexy

Their self esteem is directly related to how sexy and good they look and how much material wealth they posses

Lilith in 3rd house

They know how to please with words and can make anyone feel great by their words

well people with this position know how to manipulate and make anyone work for them

because their words carry power of attraction these people are wonderful partners for those who love communication while having sex

Lilith in 4th house

Trouble with mother and issues in childhood tend to create trouble for them when they grow up.

Sometimes these people don’t get the love they need in their childhood

there are chances they will repeat same with their kids

on the positive side they can be great decorators and home makers. They love to host parties at home

These people love luxury houses to live in and make fun

Lilith in 5th house

this is my favorite position because people who have this will have wonderful sex life with a lot of partners.

These people know how to please and love

They know how to entertain and love  this position bless people with entertaining skills

Many of people with this position can become great actors and writers because of amazing creativity talents they posses

Their mesmerizing and mysterious way of loving is what makes them get any partner they want

Most of people I know with this placement have had a lot of partners in their life  

Lilith in 6th house

On the positive front these people can be successful in writing and managing careers

they have the skills to manage and get work done by any means.

I can say people with this placement can be very lucky because of the blessings with this placement

They love to work at mysterious or well fashioned office

On the negative side these people can get used by their employers or co workers

I have seen people with his placement offer sexual advance in order to get promoted

but not always in some cases I have seen this  

Lilith in natal chart shows us our secret desires and talents and the way to achieve them

So now you have known about your Lilith tell us where it is in your chart by commenting below

Lilith in Natal Chart
Lilith in Natal Chart – Secret desires

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