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Kim kardashian

Hello and welcome to Astro Syed today we will be talking about a famous celebrity from Hollywood Named Kim kardashian , i was surfing internet and suddenly i get to know about her and read about her page on wikipedia which made me think of having a look at her natal chart and i found something amazing

I will try to be professional and i am writing it only for astrology purpose not for hurting anyone.

kim kardashian
Birth Chart of Kim kardashian

When ever i am looking at any celebrities natal chart i first check their fixed stars and asteroids to have an idea of their real self

I will only be covering main fixed stars which are active in her chart

Neptune Conjunct Rasalhauqe: with Neptune on this fixed star we can clearly say a person who loves him or herself who is a hypocritical and self seeking individual, they are good speakers but usually they mislead people with their clever intentions and bad morals

Uranus conjunct Agena: with uranus here we can expect someone who is sarcastic and a speaker who usually get disapproval of authority and people and sometimes losing the wealth

Mercury conjunct zubeneschamali: although this a fortunate fixed star it does gives favors , benefits and friendships , and a good hand at writing and someone who is alert and active

Mercury Conjunct Unukalhai: with this star we can expect a person who forges something for her or his own benefit and get caught which leads to dishonor

Now we will have a close look at the aspects in the natal chart of kim kardashian

Moon opposite Jupiter : too much pleasure and sometimes extravagance leads to problems in personal life this aspect shows that kim kardishian has a huge personality which she wants to display through her cheerful nature and she expresses herself easily but sometimes it makes her feel wounded because of not getting enough in her life as we already she is always in the news because of all the wrong reasons

Moon Trine Ceres: she has a deep love for mothering her family her close friends as she feels that other people require her unconditional love which leads to healing of her soul she is surely good at mothering and we already know that she has 4 kids and she loves all of them and this fills her heart and soul with love

Moon opposite Saturn: during her early years she might had suffered lack of love from her mother or people in her life or it can be she received love from her mother but she thought she is not receiving enough love and care this shows a wound in early life which leads to low self esteem and low confidence but she had beat this by being in media and doing work in industry

Moon Trine Uranus: ease at her desire she has easy times getting her kinky desires full filled and we can say this aspect have calming effect on moon opposite Saturn because this aspect shows she fulfills her strongest desires without causing any trouble in her life it also suggests she is very creative when it comes to her life at home or at work

Sun Conjunct Pluto: intense nature wants to control things and people near in her life and we all know that she has been always part of controversies. This aspect shows how powerful and egoistic is kim kardishian as she always feels the need to control things and people in her surrounding which ultimately gives her ego boost but this same aspect suggest many ups and downs in her life specially with relationships and we know she has been in many affairs and a lot of other stuff but at the same time we can assume that she knows how to influence people which will give her career and public profile the desired boost as we can see she rose to fame after her sex scandal with superstar ray j according to Wikipedia and other sources everyone accuses her of willingly making these mms videos viral for her own benefit. After analyzing her chart i can say that claim can be right because her chart shows a lot and its amazing that her sun is in 11th house and Pluto in 10th house which shows connection between her hopes and wishes which are fulfilled by manipulations

Sun conjunct Lilith: awww this aspects alone shows her intense sexual and private nature people with this aspect don’t shy away to express their sexual desires either to their partner or to someone else as this aspect gives special aura of imagination people with these aspects can write stories with full of lies and yet people will find it amazingly mesmerizing. She has a deep desire to be sexually active in her life and her desire to be praised by everyone lead her to do things to show the world what she is and people with this aspect do wonders when it comes to acting or any sort of drama but they are also very good at making people fool and using them for their benefit as her Lilith and sun both are in Libra so her relationships are majorly affected by this aspect

Mercury Sextile Venus: this aspect alone gives amazing interpersonal skills and when these people communicate people find it hard to deny or ignore their request as these people can communicate in soft and amazing way people often fall for their sweetness but this aspect does have negative side people some times with this aspect can use other people by trying to be nice with others having bad intentions and now i can clearly say how kim kardashian made her way too wealth and success in her life

Mercury Conjunct Uranus: sudden insights and sudden flashes of ideas lead to discoveries of new things this aspect can be the reason of her ultimate success through social media as mercury sextile Venus where mercury is conjunct Uranus shows a person who has ability to sell anything by showing a made up image which attracts people by using her sexuality mentioned above in Sun and Lilith conjunction so we can assume that her success of social media is based on the way she presents herself to the world as everyone knows Kardishian family are super active on social media and doing huge business in make up accessories and body stuff

Venus Square Neptune: a fantasy lover or a wounded soul who keeps of searching for love but not finding the perfect one according to her needs this aspect clearly mentions someone in love with the wounded or someone who wounds for love. too much idealization and living in fantasy might have been a issue for her personal life as this aspects shows a lot of desires which remain unfulfilled

Mars Conjunct Ascendant: someone with courage and brave nature who will fight when she is wronged or someone crosses her path

Neptune Conjunct ascendant: her fashion line and business of make up is no secret as she is a emotional lady who knows how to use and or get used but this conjunction shows someone who always lives in fantasy tends to have issues in relationship always attracting wounded people or she her self is wounded being attracted by other who are caring and loving

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn: she was born during great conjunction as this aspect gives ambitions and desires to be successful at any cost in her life but at the same time this aspect shows someone with addiction issues or troubles with people of authority some times these people create their own way towards success . and as Jupiter conjunct Saturn are on her Mid heaven which shows her own path towards success which she has forged the way she wanted

This is totally unbiased approach towards kim kardashian astrological analysis and this is only for the astrology purpose nothing personal in it

kim kardashian
kim kardashian

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