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Jamie Partridge

Today’s article is very special because it’s about one of my favorite astrologer Jamie Partridge of http://astrologyking.com. I have been fan of astrology king and its huge content had made me learn many things and get in to deep of astrology today I am analyzing Jamie Partridge’s chart to see what his chart says about his astrology career

I will be fair in my words and will try my best to decode Jamie partridge chart the best way

We will first try to look how Jamie was able to write huge content of astrology which people love

Jamie Partridge
Jamie Partridge Natal chart

When I first looked at Jamie’s natal chart I knew that he has special talents and psychic ability to do great things and express things in his own way

Moon conjunct jupiter although its wide at 8 degree orb but I will consider it: Jamie has a love to express his love for people and his family because jamie Partridge feels happy to express himself because of his generous nature jamie is always favorite for kids and women in his life he has a great nature and great social skills when it comes to doing good for others.

Sun conjunct Uranus: This has given Jamie a great ability to do things in his own way for example he is the only astrologer I have seen that does not use house system he incorporates fixed stars and aspects to predict things and which he proves that he has a point and that’s also great as we have got amazing predictions from Jamie  this aspect also cause Jamie to change career which we have already seen the case in Jamie’s life as he was a nurse before turning to astrology 2008 before his Saturn return mentioned in his website  and I think Jamie has chosen the right career for this aspect as this has given Jamie the great ability to express the way he wants to but not without backlash and criticism

Sun conjunct Pluto: this aspect is known for its reputation to change people and force them to confront their own darkness I am sure that Jamie had gone through life full of transformation confronting issues with control and power privacy issues in relationships and with family we see this aspect as deep transforming effect on jamie. pluto does gives great power when handled with care it indicates a great researcher or the one who can uncover secret so  I will give this aspect the credit that has given jamie the ability to research on aspects and write great articles on them so people can get great information

Sun Sextile Neptune
: this aspect is known to make someone who cares and love humanity but with Pluto being involved we can say the effect of Pluto will be eased to an extent. jamie has nature to help people and influence their life to make them better and he is always on the top when it comes to writing about astrology and making it easier for people to get great content so we can say jamie is sensitive person who knows how to help people and care for his family and friends this makes  spiritual nature of jamie amazingly sync with his inner self

Now coming to the aspect which has given jamie the ability to write and express great astrology content in a way people love to read that

Mercury Conjunct Venus: This is my favorite aspect because it gives ability to communicate with love and ease this aspect gives the ability to make a great impact with their words and writings these people are great communicator and often great speakers their words melt hearts easily so there is no doubt this aspect has played a role in jamie’s writing at astrology king which makes great impact on people

But we can say because of mercury conjunct Venus both are receiving tight opposition from Saturn we can assume jamie had to struggle during his young years trying to convey his point to others but because of Involve in this we also can aspect some ease to this harsh aspect 

Mercury opposite Saturn: makes it great for detailed work or research but it also makes someone worry too much and get to the negative point of view of anything this aspect also cause melancholy but if directed properly this aspect gives amazing research and writing talents

Venus Opposite Saturn: This aspect is known as trouble maker in love life and social life and this is not secret that jamie has gone through 3 divorces so we can say this aspect is to be blamed because this aspect often cause makes it hard for these people to show love or to receive love things becomes complicate and separation is indicated

Mars Trine Saturn: amazing reconciliation of energies but as the saying goes no aspect to Saturn is easy but it takes time to manifest and show results we can say jamie has great strength and discipline to maintain and take on the hardest task and complete them on time as we can see example on his website where he constantly writes great articles on weekly monthly and yearly horoscopes before anyone else can so I think this is the best use of this aspect as this aspects blesses with discipline and power to do things and survive through any adversary because there are energy and patience available within the individual

Mars square Neptune: Amazing Imagination with lots of expectations this aspect often causes confusion between reality and fantasy but at the same time this aspect can give creative talents to people who can use that to build a career but that does not comes easily people with this aspect has to go through insecurity paranoia and rejection only to let their true self shine and work for them they will go through harsh things and deceptions and get stronger because this aspect manifest differently for different people  

Jupiter Trine Ascendant: amazing skills for personal expression this is the best aspect it gives larger tehn life personality with ease of expression and amazing confidence people see you as someone who is laughing or smiling and taking hard things easily and this aspect is known as light in the end of tunnel no matter how harsh times becomes you will find a way out

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto: Power and influence to make a big impact on the world or a community of people this aspect is amazing for people who are connected to law , politics , science , religion and astrology because it gives amazing power to influence people and make a lasting impact but not without struggles sometimes this aspect causes sudden down falls and issues in handling power but with Jamie the case is amazing as both Jupiter and Pluto makes trine to his ascendant which makes it easier for him assert his influence on people through astrologyking.com and create a great impact on people Jamie is born with powerful expression and amazing skills to handle power in his life  people with this aspect have great deal of power in latter part of their life

Pluto Trine Ascendant:
it’s natural for Jamie to make a impact on great amount of people and change their lives this aspect gives great power of people and personal life because people are attracted to them because of their powerful and personal nature which makes a great impact on people forever

Mars Trine Part of Fortune: with this aspect it is directly linked with Jamie’s hard work and discipline to maintain great fortune in his life because of his strong work and principled life he has build a great fortune which will last forever as can say the more Jamie Partridge has put efforts in his life the more he has got because of his discipline and action

This is a purely astrological analysis nothing personal in it I have tried my best to tell the world what Jamie’s chart says about him

After analyzing Jamie Partridge chart we can say he had a life full of ups and down but now he is making most of it and I am personal fan of Jamie’s writing and his strategy of astrology .

I would Request you all to go visit and read his great work and share with friends


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  • Jamie Partridge August 23, 2019 at 2:45 pm Reply

    Thank you Syed. I love your writing style and analysis with an emphasis on positive manifestations. Well, it seems like an emphasis maybe I am biassed because of Mercury opposite Saturn pessimism. First time I have read about Mars trine Part of Fortune too.

    • Astrosyed August 23, 2019 at 4:53 pm Reply

      Thank you Jamie for you amazing words and yeah i have been researching on aspects with fixed stars and asteroids and i am near completion hope to share my work with you as i am a big fan of you and your work hats of to you sir for your excellent dedication and amazing style of presenting things keep rocking and May Almighty Bless you with health and Prosperity

  • Pisces Rising August 26, 2019 at 4:48 pm Reply

    I thought I recalled from MySpace days that Jamie was Virgo Rising? So it’s Cappy – endures!

    • Astrosyed August 26, 2019 at 4:56 pm Reply

      He is Capricorn rising for sure

  • horoscoop September 21, 2019 at 1:36 am Reply

    Howdy just wanted to give you a quick heads up.
    The text in your content seem to be running off the screen in Safari.
    I’m not sure if this iis a formatting issue or something to do with browser compatibility but
    I thought I’d post to let you know. The design annd style look great though!

    Hope yoou get the isue fixed soon. Kudos

    • Astrosyed September 22, 2019 at 1:37 pm Reply

      I am onit Thank you for figuring out issues as it gives me idea of problems people are facing

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