How to predict your marriage accurately

Hello and welcome to Astro Syed today we are going to talk about the most searched and asked topic in astrology “how to predict your marriage accurately . We will be talking about the most accurate and used methods to predict the marriage accurately or meeting with significant other

Astrology is like helping hand and when used correctly we can make our life comfortable and live happily

Predicting the marriage  or meeting with significant other is one of the exciting thing to do in life

Here are the few steps you can follow and predict your marriage or meeting with love of your life

Step 1:


Check your Descendant and note if any outer planet is on your Dc will indicate meeting or starting a new relationship  for example if Transiting Jupiter conjunct your Dc  which is directly opposing your Ascendant this can give you marriage or a long distance relationship with mutual respect and benefits mostly this transit indicate marriage abroad  If Jupiter falls on your Dc in your solar return chart you can expect a long distance relationship or marrying someone from different culture

Step 2

Marriage or meeting with significant other through solar return chart


Whenever you are trying to see if this year will bring new love interest or soul mate you need to focus on angles Like MC/IC   AC/DC  if fast moving planet is conjunct your Dc or Ac you can expect meeting with someone special or starting a new relationship for example Jupiter or Venus , Sun on your Dc in solar return will definitely indicate meeting with someone special and starting a new relationship  and note if the planet on your DC are afflicted or having harsh aspect this can indicate relationship issues

Step 3

There are few transit which Indicate meeting with soul mate and getting married

Pluto transits to Venus


Pluto trine or sextile Venus : During this time your personal power and magnetism will increase you will attract someone who will fall for you deeply probably a soul mate whom you can rely and get married mostly people who get married during this time will see a strong time in terms of receiving love and a powerful union

Saturn transits to the 7th house and Venus


If Saturn is transiting in your 7th house you can expect to attract a mature partner probably the partner who is attracted to you now will have  strong Capricorn in his or her chart or can have moon in Capricorn. People who are attracted to you now will be mature and serious and will want a serious relationship

Saturn transit to Venus

Saturn trine Venus: Many people start significant relationship during this transit and will find relationship more fulfilling if it is fulfilling during this time you will want a strong and serious relationship  based on mutual respect and maturity

Saturn conjunct Venus


During this time people often attract serious and old partner who are mature and strong willed during this time your view of love and relationship will be changed from fun to serious commitment and you will avoid anything that is not worth for your time This is also a strong time when you can start to focus on reality of relationship and avoiding the fun part of it

There are many ways to predict your marriage accurately or meeting with significant other  I have tried my best to shed light on few important Things  so you people can get benefit of it

I am hopeful that you people liked the article and I will be updating this article with more points so all of you people can predict their meeting with significant other


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