Full moon June 2019 – time to Pay back

Full moon June 2019 - time to Pay back

Full moon June 2019 : Time to pay back

The full moon June 2019 is at 25.53 degree of Sagittarius
This full moon indicates the time to pay back what we owe this full moon will bring any abuse and trauma to surface. If you are abusive or you have tendency to use your words against others this full moon is going to hit you hard so you can pay back what is due

Full moon June 2019 - time to pay back

During the full moon we have following aspects actively participating

Mercury Opposite Pluto: obsessive thoughts and doubts will make you feel weird but at the same time you are not seeing the compete truth as obsessions in your mind has hidden the truth if you are going through any issues during this time you just try to wait and try to be alone as this energy can make your words powerful that can hit others and provoke them so better to avoid it.

Mercury Opposite Saturn: loneliness and irritation while trying to communicate or trying to clear misunderstanding but remember during this time it is likely you will be misunderstood and people will think that your thoughts and words are trying to provoke them. Sudden social anxiety is common with this negativity will be surrounding you so try to keep calm as much as you can.

During this full moon mercury and mars are conjunct with north node which will be here to clear the karma so you can focus on better future if you have history of abusing people or trying to hurt people either in your thoughts you are going to have a hard time during this full moon because this full moon is here to clear the issues and make peace with past and move a head which will be a bit painful  but this full moon guarantee peace and success .

Mercury Conjunct Mars: during the full moon your tongue has lose its control and its likely you will say anything and then regret because of opposition from Pluto and Saturn will cause anxiety and frustration with obsession at the same time so the best thing to do to handle this is to play some mind buzzing games like puzzles chess, scrabbles or read books probably mystery sort of things will take your interest at this time

Mars Opposite Saturn: Frustration with blockages and people coming you way will cause you a lot of anger and frustration which can either be your own obsessions and feelings this can cause you to back fire and fight back but i will suggest to avoid fights during this time

Mars Opposite Pluto: People in your life will try to press you hard and push you down but you don’t have to fight back because this aspect will give you a lot of energy to fight back which can cause issues so the best approach is to burn the energy with workouts or some exercise

Solutions this full moon is offering  when you are having the hard time

Mercury Trine Neptune: Ease the harshness caused by hard aspects with writing or expressing yourself  over the internet during this time you have the great potential to write great things and inspire others so why not trying to take a journal and start writing whatever comes in your mind just write it because of the full moon there are more than 100% chances things you write on this time will manifest and turn in to reality. For example you can write your wishes and things you need during this time with a lot of thankfulness for whatever you have will let you use this full moon’s energy into your benefit and manifest for you with a lot of great things

Are you a writer , Designer , Artist  or a Youtuber  you can rock the world with your creative work which will inspire others during this full moon we have Mars Trine Neptune which will boost your creative side and give you passion to follow something great so you can ease the negative energy from Pluto and Saturn put efforts into writing or doing something creative so you can ease and relax down from this intense energy . Crafting is also great to try during this time because of the creative blessings you have during this time

Are you going through relationship issues or you have just gone through break up or divorce then this moon has healing and blessings for you during this moon we have following aspect active

Venus Sextile Chiron:  Heal the wounds of past romance and move on during this moon you will get blessings and healing if you are going through heart break or separation you can heal the old wounds by focusing on the healing it and getting back in to the world of love.  but this full moon is also great if you are having issues with your wife , lover  if yes then healing is on the horizon forgiveness and acceptance will lead you both to forgive and get back together and enjoy your life

And as we also have Saturn Sextile Neptune: which inspires spirituality and forgiveness which means you will get great support if you are having hard time spiritual actions will lead to material wealth and success its likely previous good deeds will be paid to you now

At the same time we have Jupiter Square Neptune: trusting too much or sharing too much personal information will cause you issues or betrayal its likely if you have met someone new either a friend or a lover they may betray you or share your personal life with other so this can cause you issues but remember to be alert when someone new comes into your life during this time as there are chances of deception and treachery

Summary of Full moon June 2019 – time to Pay back

This full moon is mostly positive because of the major planetary transits of 2019 Saturn sextile neptune and Jupiter square Neptune which causes issues and gain at the same time. This full moon is great for healing and learning about your own nature when it comes to thoughts and communication so you can better understanding yourself if there are any issues with people from past then there are chances you can solve them now and move on as this full moon is also great for solving relationship difficulties by accepting and forgiving you will gain love and peace .

Because this full moon is in Sagittarius which rules the 9th house of zodiac  during this time you can manifest anything you want because of the Sagittarius energy of generosity take a journal and go nearby lake or your roof top during this full moon and write on the journal whatever you want from life and whatever your wishes are and smile after writing it because during this time anything you write will manifest greatly and fast.  Remember avoid arrogance and pride during this time which will cause loss    

Full moon June 2019 – time to Pay back will bring peace and love and healing once you pay back

Full moon  June 2019 - time to Pay back
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