Fortunate signs on palm – indicators of wealth and fame

fortunate signs on palm

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We will be discussing about someone most fortunate signs on palm which indicates wealth , Luck , fame and much more

There are many signs o palm that indicates you will get wealth and fame

So we will be shading some light on what signs on palm indicates what

Sun mount: the sun mount is below the ring finger as shown in the picture below , If any one of you have Fish sign on your palm  than you can’t imagine that you are destined to be multi millionaire if the fish is big than a billionaire. These people will be very lucky because any work they start to do will give them results beyond their expectations

Fish sign on sun mount

An example of fish sign on sun mount is  Jennifer lopez below this is picture of her hand clearly showing sign on sun mount and we already know that she has net worth of 400 million and I bet this fish sign will bestow her with more and more

Jennifer lopez fish sign

Star on sun mount : A star on sun mount indicates someone is extremely lucky and fortunate no matter what they are doing but their destiny is to become extremely wealthy and fame will follow them . People who have this will usually be found in arts , films , creative or technical fields where they will achieve the tremendous fame and wealth

Star on sun mount

Sun line reaching toward mount of Venus: as shown in the picture below we clearly see a sun line reaching towards mount of Venus which indicates someone will earn reputation in entertainment industry or being an artist or a writer but they will reach to the top most position in their career very easily

Sun line to venus mount


Star on moon mount: This is one of the most fortunate sign it indicates career in creative or technical fields these people need to go far from their home to unlock their true potential and achieve success and wealth . These people will achieve great success and wealth in fashion industry or creative fields. Star on moon mount is one of most fortunate signs on palm

Star on moon mount

These were few of most fortunate sings on palm that indicates wealth , luck , success and fame for sure. Do tell us about your signs on palm

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