Divorce in natal chart – Unhappy married life

Divorce in natal chart

Divorce in natal chart is a complicated yet a very talked about topic in astrology , There are few sure shot indicators of divorce in natal chart but most of the time it depends upon the individual how he or she deals with it

Whenever someone asks me this question! Do you see any divorce indicator in my chart?
And when I look at their chart I only look at position of Venus and Descendant and its aspect

So after years of looking at clients charts I have drawn  a conclusion of some indicators of divorce in natal chart that you should look into your chart but remember a single aspect does not denotes the whole chart so we can take it as it may indicates a divorce

These are few positions of planets that may indicates divorce

Venus 4.20 to 9.02 Degrees of Gemini

This Position of Venus is sure shot indicator of divorce because of the people who have this position cannot love or find happiness in relationship so it is common for them to move from one relationship to another often.

Venus opposite Saturn

Classical and real indicator of Divorce in natal chart this aspect denotes someone who do not know how to love and care because they are serious and lacks many qualities to love and receive love. 

People with this aspect will lead unhappy married life probably many divorces or relationship troubles are indicated but.  I had a client she has this aspect and  she is in a committed relationship but the relationship is neither easy nor lovable. She states that her marital life is and was full of troubles and fights but she maintained this relationship because she did not want to leave her husband  but she also says it’s not easy to live with this aspect. So anyone with this aspect should put efforts in social life and how to care for himself or herself , these people should love them self first because they have insecurities in them selves

Uranus Conjunct Descendant Opposite or Square Moon:

Uranus Conjunct descendant is itself unreliable position where people who have this cannot be stable in relationship they can either leave relationship suddenly or someone they love can leave them suddenly.

But not always people with this aspect can have unusual married life or long distance relationships but when this position is Opposing or Squaring moon than we can say divorce may be indicated

Because this person has unreliable mind functions they cannot follow routine and cannot stay committed as it makes them feel irritable so they are unreliable and they may not be able to stay in a relationship for long as they get bored easily So we can take as a modern indicator of divorce

Neptune conjunct Descendant Opposite moon or sun

Fantasy and imagination over powers reality and truth People with this position often have many marriages if not many marriages they can have a abusive and toxic marriage where they have to be because they cannot leave someone whom they love because of emotional sensitivity and feelings

But when this aspect also oppose moon or sun than we can take it as a sure indicator of divorce and relationship problems where it can lead to secret affairs , Deception , Scandal and lies which can make their life complicated and it makes it hard for them love and form a relationship easily

Note: All the aspects define above cannot alone define divorce as every chart has a different meaning one have to analyze whole chart for the final answer but Venus opposite Saturn is sure indicator of divorce without a doubt

All the above defined aspects for divorce are written very carefully and it does not mean to hurt anyone’s feelings it is just to help people know better

Divorce in natal chart
Divorce in natal chart

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