Check your compatibility with your partner with accuracy

Check your compatibility with your partner

The complete guide how you can check your compatibility with your partner

I get tons of emails and messages about how can people check their compatibility with their partners and if they are compatible what are the signs which shows that we are compatible

So let’s come to the point

How come many couples who have perfect compatibility ends their relationships or they cannot handle?

There is no perfect Syanstry i have ever seen yeah you can say people match and they get along well but I have seen couples with hardest syanstry loving each other and are married for years and still rocking !

So what’s the secret?

Secret here is many people either consult astrologer or they their self learn to check synastry charts but they forget that real steps to check compatibility does not lies in just checking synastry and composite charts.

First of all  you have to check your partners natal chart to get a idea what type of human he or she is  so you can understand how he or she will relate to the relationship

Here is an example most people miss while checking synastry

For example there is a guy named Rocky and girl named Kagney

If Rocky has his Venus trine kagney’s Saturn  people will become happy with joy and they think this aspect indicates easy relationship with emotional support and loyalty but what if I tell you that Rocky has his Natal Venus Opposite Saturn now the whole scenario gets changed even the easy aspect will not be able to handle this because Venus Opposite Saturn indicates problems in love life and relationships which often leads to divorce and abuse .[So the point is first check your partners natal chart Allow the orbs  for conjunctions to be 10 for sun and moon for other aspects use orbs of 8 ]

Why I am asking you to use wide orb because I had many clients who told me that they often get confused when astrologers don’t consider many aspects of theirs because of orb but they feel the energy and effects of it. for example if someone have Sun Opposite Neptune at 5 to 6 orb he will feel it strongly and if his partners Saturn is trine to his sun it will be easy and trustful connection but the man has his sun opposite Neptune which complicates relationships and trust issues often appears. Note I am not trying to defame or degrade anyone with this aspect I personally have this so I am telling from personal experience

So its very important to look at your partners natal chart before checking syanstry

Now let’s talk about great aspects which will make sure relationship rocks

Sun trine Saturn : you both get along well the sun person’s ego is at ease with Saturn person and Saturn person will have a great effect of relying on sun person’s will this aspect is often great in marriage partners , friends , and business partners

Check your compatibility with your partner

Venus conjunct moon: Ummah this is my favorite aspect in synastry because this aspect indicates great love for each other and this aspect indicates solving problems and defusing tension if you both get in to fights because Venus Person is mad For the Moon person it will indicate Venus person will stare at Moon person with loving eyes

Check your compatibility with your partner

Venus Trine Moon: it is a great aspect to have it will boost love and appreciation for both of you and Venus person will shower Moon person with love and compliments

Check your compatibility with your partner

Moon conjunct Moon: it can be rare but I had this one of my well wisher I see her as a great friend and we get along easily it’s like we want to say same thing at same time and we have same feelings and attitude in life this aspect indicates both of you people are same when it comes to choices and emotions you feel like a soul mate connection

Check your compatibility with your partner

Venus trine Saturn: This one indicates loyalty and love with easy Saturn person will boost confidence of Venus person and both will get along very well when hard time strikes you both will work with each other to solve problems this aspect is often seen in marriage partners who are married for years with love

Check your compatibility with your partner

Venus conjunct Pluto: Oh my Love this aspect feels like you are being attracted by someone who is powerfully attractive and sensual this aspect in syanstry indicates love obsession and control but this aspect is a fatal one instant attraction and love at first sight many people who have this aspect in synastry told me they got married within days after they meet this aspect is great for a love and full of sex relationship if you can handle emotions and avoid controlling each other otherwise this aspect is great

Check your compatibility with your partner

Moon conjunct mars : This is the aspect in synastry of the couple who engage in lots of sex with ease and still crave for more this aspects indicates dynamic attraction mars person will person the moon person with love , sex and full of adventure  and this aspect also indicates life full of love and also if you are interested in kids then you will have no problem if you have this with someone in syanstry only one thing can cause problem if the moon person is sensitive are have hard aspects in natal chart to his or her moon then there can be issues

Check your compatibility with your partner

Mercury conjunct Venus: indulge in lovely conversation and ease of taking and sharing almost anything is easier with this aspect you both can work through problems and solve them easily

Check your compatibility with your partner

Mercury Conjunct Ascendant: Communication is the most important part for this couple you both feel good at communication and share your wildest ideas with ease

Check your compatibility with your partner

Sun trine Pluto: this aspect gives dynamic power and strength to sun by Pluto person this aspect will work greatly if sun person not try to use Pluto persons goodness it indicates a great relationship where one partner will uplift other

Check your compatibility with your partner

If one partners Pluto is touching any angle of the other partner this relationship is fated the Pluto person will make you progress or will make you feel jealous by abusing you

Specially if someone’s Pluto is on your Mid Heaven  the Pluto Person will provide you with growth in career or any opportunity may be he or she will support you with money but with this obsession arise you both can hit a dead end if you break the rules and become jealous of each other there are many cases seen when a person’s Pluto hit someone’s Mid Heaven they start affair or business together which will be successful in beginning but with time Pluto person will see Mid heaven person is distancing itself from Pluto person this will let the ego of Pluto person hurt and the game begins which will let down fall of both

Jupiter on IC : when someone’s Jupiter falls on your IC this person will bring faith love and luck to the IC person with this the Jupiter person will bring religious or spiritual things in to life of IC person this relationship indicates great support for each other

Check your compatibility with your partner
Check your compatibility with your partner

Moon or Venus On IC : if your partners either Venus or Moon falls on your IC  hey you will feel you are meant to be with this person and this person will share a deep emotional connection with you and you both will feel at ease and can share many things or can live together with ease

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This is the best method to Check your compatibility with your partner

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Check your compatibility with your partner

Check your compatibility with your partner

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