Cheat lover – is your partner a cheat find out now

Cheat lover

Hello and welcome to Astro Syed today we are going to talk about a great topic .
it is about finding out if your partner is a cheat lover or a one who loves you deeply

There are many things in a natal chart to consider and to look so we can make final decision but with these placements i am sure to say that people will cheat or have secret affairs.

Today we will be covering many planets on certain fixed stars which indicates a person having secret love affairs or commuting adultery.

This article will have two parts today we will only be covering the first part . So lets start with a bang

People with following planets and degrees are sure to have the qualities define below

Venus conjunct Hyades Venus from 4.20 Gemini to 8.22 : they can not feel the love even if their partner loves them and they will think they are not being loved which makes them move in relationships very quickly they will go from one relationship to another very fast which makes them to go for many marriages or many affairs

Venus 0 to 2 degree Gemini : it is a bit complicated degree if it receive a opposite or square from Pluto or mars we can say an immoral person with unregulated desires probably sexual ones which he or she will fulfill through different and illicit means

Venus from 0.16 to 2 degree Aries : passionate and many secret love affairs which eventually are hidden from everyone but if Venus is afflicted or in 12th house we can say these people will have scandals too

Venus conjunct Alnilam from 21.10 to 25 degree Gemini suggests a very critical situation if it also receives square from Pluto. Because a person with this placement can be involved in many love affairs or they can be involved with something which cause scandal and reputation will suffer badly and i will say this placement is sure for a cheat lover

Neptune conjunct algenib from 7.09 degree to 11.9 degree of Aries : people with these placement are deceptive and coward and they show criminal tendencies with a lot of wrong doings and sex troubles are common usually people with this placement will indulge in a lot of sex and other activities which will often cause a trouble for them

Ascendant conjunct Alphecca: from 10.08 to 14.28 Scorpio : these people have tendency to engage in secret love affairs or being involved in adultery because it is a point where a person needs to satisfy his or her desire by hidden means as ascendant rules our public display people with this placement will engage in these sort of things but eventually be caught in these situation so this is surely a best position for cheat lover. and we have following example below

Bill Cosby has ascendant on the above fixed star Alphecca and he was involved in sex and adultery his whole life but eventually he was caught .

Venus conjunct propus: from 17.21 to 20.41 cancer: these people are over indulgence king and queen because they will do things to extreme specially with sweets and other things and same for possession but when it comes to sex they will want more and more of it and will not get satisfied ever which can leave them engaging in sexual affairs and if Venus is square Pluto or mars expect for more severeness

Venus conjunct Asellus Australis: from 7.13 to 10.13 degree of Leo : these people overindulge in partying making love being around people and being in glamorous life is what they need they will keep on over indulging and going to parties and same with love affairs if they think that their partner cannot afford these they will soon change him or her and one interesting point here is these people easily fall for those who are rich and can satisfy their wishes

Venus conjunct Regulus: from 27.20 Leo to 2.18 degree of Virgo: the keyword here is disappointment and violent attachment to love interest and unexpected events and trouble through love affairs which will cause a lot of issues in natives life many ups and down in love life followed by unexpected events

Venus conjunct Dabih : from 2.37 to 5.43 Aquarius : this position shows a person who will have a lot of secret love affairs which will cause these people pain and sorrows in matters of love because they are also easy to led astray , and trouble through women which will cause issues in their life

Venus Conjunct Fomalhaut: from 1.23 to 6.22 Pisces: this position shows someone with a lot of passionate and secret love affairs . These people need to keep their self satisfied by having a lot of secret affairs most of them being sexual and deep once with passion in it and at the same time they can be married to someone else and still keep a lot of secret affairs without letting anyone know whats going on

These were the few placements which indicates a Cheat Lover and the part 2 of this article will contain more things and secrets to look in natal chart of your partner. As articles need a lot of work and research and just because of your love and appreciation i get the energy to write great things for you people and this definite takes a lot of time do appreciate us by liking us and sharing

Cheat lover
Cheat Lover astrology

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