Bernie madoff The biggest fraudster In USA History

Today we will be talking about Infamous personality who had led the largest fraud in the history of USA.

Bernie Madoff

His real name is
Bernard Lawrence Madoff Aka Bernie Madoff

Note these are not my personal views these are based on his Natal chart

Born on
29 April 1938 at 1:50 PM Queens New York

I was surfing Quora and find an answer mentioning his history which made me look at his birth chart which led completely clear the scenario how he was able to loot billions of dollars from people by using subversive and manipulative tricks his chart shows that too.

  I am using precision for maximum accuracy , We will first analyze his fixed stars and then his aspects to determine how he continue to loot and fraud people for more than 48 years till he was arrested in December 2008

Bernie Madoff

After Applying precision of 0.51 his planets have move to following positions as described below

Bernie Madoff’s Ascendant is in Leo at 29.46

His ascendant is conjunct Regulus: which is one great fixed start on ascendant this star gives: Great honor and wealth, but violence and trouble, sickness, fevers, acute disease, benefits seldom last, favor of the great, victory over enemies and scandal

Ascendant Conjunct Phecda: Although we don’t have any description for this star

His Sun is at 9.35 Taurus

Sun Conjunct Hamal Star Which gives: Dissipation, evil associates, loss and disgrace

His Moon is at 3.6 Taurus

Moon conjunct Mesarthim: Although We don’t have description for this

Moon conjunct Sheratan: Although We don’t have description for this

His Mars is at 4.57 Gemini

Mars Conjunct Prima Hyadum fixed star which indicates: Abrupt, brave, aggressive, courageous, lacks concentration

His Venus is at 0.23 Gemini

Venus Conjunct Alcyone which indicates : Immoral, strong passions, disgrace through women, sickness, loss of fortune

His Mercury is at 27.14 Aries

Mercury Conjunct Fixed Star Vertex: No description available

His Saturn is at 12.39 Aries

Saturn Conjunct Alpheratz  which indicates: Open and affable but miserly, seeks popularity, pretends to be religious for business ends, favors from clergy and lawyers, likelihood of wealth, domestic harmony, liable to diseases in the head and tumors that finally cause death. [1] There are problems with the tongue which may also cause problems with the bone structure of the jaws. Difficulties can be experienced with the muscle of the tongue area

His Jupiter is at 28.57 Aquarius

His Jupiter is not conjunct with any fixed star

His Neptune is at 19.27 Virgo

Neptune Conjunct Denebola which indicates: Disagreeable, ingenious, clever, sarcastic, bitter in speech, domestic quarrels, accidents and sickness in early life

His Pluto is at 28.46 Cancer

His Pluto does not conjunct any fixed star

Analysis of his aspects

I will be only talking about main aspects which let him fraud people for 48 years  

Moon Square Pluto: this aspect is great for psychologists , investigators and detectives even hackers this aspect indicates early childhood problems with expressing emotions his mother might have been too much interfering and he might have suffered bully in his childhood . This aspect let him use power of controlling and manipulation of people emotionally that let him do this for more than 4 decades

Mercury Square Pluto: When I was Looking at his chart this aspect immediately caught my attention because this aspect is known to give power to control or manipulate people and use them there is no doubt madoff took benefit of his ability in negative sense and started to manipulate people by showing them false information and false promise of great returns if they invested money in his scheme and after that he use to show them fake documents and receipts of great returns on money they invested in his schemes .These all tells the negative way he used Mercury Square Pluto   

Mars Square Jupiter: there is no doubt that he was able to loot people for so many years because he had confident and energy to do this which was probably wrong

this aspect gave him energy and courage to take things to top but he forgot that every wrong doing comes in light

Now the Main and Most important Aspect which caught my attention although orb is quite wide but it is very much considerable by taking things into consideration

Pluto Sextile Mid-heaven: This aspect is common in charts of politicians and investors who have achieved great in their life because this aspect gives power to lead people and become a leader this aspect is often seen to give magnetic power to one’s career , no doubt Pluto rules other people money and this is in aspect to his mid heaven he made  ponzi scheme out of this and fraud many innocent people   

No doubt that Madoff used this in negative sense and start to loot and fraud people out of their hard earned money


There is no doubt Bernie Madoff is the biggest fraudster in the history of USA  the total amount he attain by ponzi schemes is $65 Billion Dollars.

By analyzing his chart we found his Ascendant is on fixed Star Regulus which gave him too much fame and wealth which he attained by wrong doing Regulus also gives scandal which led to his arrest and punishment of 150 years in jail

how his down fall happened?

Bernie Madoff aroused the suspicion of his two sons Mark and Andrew, when they learned he intended to pay out bonuses two months early.

When they confronted him on 10 December 2008, he confessed that his entire career was a fraud. He was arrested the following morning at his Manhattan home.

Bernie Madoff was held under house arrest on 12 March 2009, when he pled guilty to the charges against him and was placed in custody. On 29 June 2009, he was sentenced to 150 years in federal prison.

Note: Nothing is personal in above written article I have been honest while writing this based on his astrology Natal chart

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