Astrology of Toxic relationships

Astrology of Toxic relationships and their solutions

Welcome to Astro Syed its my take on toxic relationships in astrology

points and things to know

Your Venus sign and its ruler 
Aspects of Venus 
the house Venus is placed

for example

if you have Venus square Pluto Venus in Leo and Pluto in Scorpio

you are going to attract toxic people in life till you try to understand why are you attracting them 
its all because you have some insecurities in yourself and fears of betrayal that will lead you to manipulate remember the one with Venus square Pluto will attract someone with venus sextile Pluto or trine Pluto so the hard energy can be maintained easily

now the other thing to note how to maintain a stable relationship when you have hard aspects to your natal Venus is to check the planet which is squaring or opposing your Venus for example if it is mars opposite Pluto square Venus then you will have to focus on mars opposite Pluto so you can calm down your mars and help Pluto release negative and controlling attributes

when ever we have some emotional issues with our self we tend to suppress them and people are always attracted because of their own aura if it is negative we are attracting negative people if we learn to be positive and have great self control then we will attract great and loving souls

let me define it more so everyone can get help if any of you have venus square mars he will always attract dominant and abusive partners, Question here is why it is happening because the person with venus square mars have great issues of trust and anger he or she do not have self control the Venus square mars person will always try to see the things the way the want and will force things they will burst in anger if there loved one does not meet there requirements
things to do so the Venus square mars can give you greatest benefits 
learn to leave your loved one as the want let them live love them but do not force them to do things the way you want. you need to learn to control on your emotions the impulsive ones. Ones you got control on your self this Venus square mars will show you its blessings

In astrology there is no hard aspect they are just lessons we need to learn so we can master and perfect our self and prepare for the benefits remember without difficulties success is nothing and when we are cooking we need to focus on everything so it can give us the taste we want so the same way we have to work on our self before we can see the fruits of our labor

Astrology of toxic relationship shows that we attract people if we have hard aspects to Venus and have not healed them or have not directed them to a positive thing so we will attract our own mirror in form of toxic relationships

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Astrology of toxic relationships
Astrology of toxic relationships

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