Astrology of sudden life changes

I guess this is the most common topic everyone searches on internet which transits are behind the sudden changes in one’s life there are many transit which are responsible for sudden and deep changes in our life some of them are defined below

Astrology of sudden life changes works as described below

Pluto transits to sun and moon:

during  Pluto in hard aspect to sun will make us go in to the darkness and find solutions of our own dark patterns within our self this time will include sudden deaths of near and dear one’s and sudden relationship endings. and changing careers is common during this time.. people find hard to focus on positive things during this period because this transit sometimes turns out friends into enemies . Depression , obsession is common during this time and tensed relationship with people is for sure.. This transit sounds harsh and is harsh but once over will leave great changes for life which will change your life forever this is the transit to rediscover our self although negative things can be beaten through mindfulness, meditation and helping the needy , and loving the elders.

Pluto in hard aspects to moon

during this period our mentality and emotional nature comes up for inspection

if we are emotionally weak or manipulative we are going to face harsh opposition from people who are near and dear ones  during this period we will become depressed and obsessed with certain things we will try to stop the change but this resist will cause more damage to our life and issues will become source of frustration we need to learn to let go of certain things like worked out relationships and toxic people . During this period people often discover some mental conditions and people are often diagnosed with depression and issues with their mentality comes up suddenly which makes the person cry and shout and fight for no reason but this period has a reason once it ends will make us emotionally strong and practical to see what’s right and what’s not right  and you will feel like we you are reborn .

Saturn transits to sun and moon

Transiting Saturn in hard aspect to sun

When  transiting Saturn is in hard aspect to our soon we are asked to face the reality and crush the illusion Saturn is the planet of hard work and discipline. During this time our work life and personal life will come up for inspection and we will reap what we have sown during this period people either get married or they end the relationship and during this time many of you might lose their jobs and will have to reassess their life goals because you will be low on energy  and vitality its almost possible you will fall into depression if you cannot curb the negative emotions and negative people near you . This is the period when we become anti social and prefer to go alone for a while and spend time with our self Saturn wants to make us strong and take us to the right path during this period we will surely face negativity and problems but this will be for our betterment once this transit ends we will see what Saturn has left for us that will be new skills new way of thinking ,health program , or making us more discipline and in more control of our life and make us work towards success and being happy .

Saturn transits to the moon

Saturn in hard aspects to moon

during this time we will become depressed and for sure someone will need to go to the psychiatrist in most cases. but if you are leading a active life and you do mental exercise you will be OK but during this time people will be filled with negative emotions and frustrations from past experience of either relationship issues or personal life problems you will get frustrated and will have hard time focusing and will have no mental clarity during this time many people will try to degrade you this can include parental figures and authority figures. during this period you can get certain level of depression if you focus on being or staying in negativity but Saturn is asking you to ask yourself what you want to be and whom you want to stay in your life your emotions are being rewired so you can get to know yourself better Saturn is asking you to spend your time with yourself cut off from negative people and focus on positivity during this period you need to actively practice meditation and other exercise and be sure to do some mental work like writing and playing mind related games so you can use the excessive energy in to these so you can feel relaxed but at the end of this transit you will be surprised by witnessing huge personality changes in yourself people will now see you as someone to learn from and hang out with and you will become more mature and out going

Don’t be afraid of change let it happen once it passed away you will see the real benefits and blessings it left for you so don’t forget share astrology of sudden life changes with your friends

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astrology of sudden life changes
astrology of sudden life changes

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